What is Anthro-digital DNA scaffolding

Anthro-digital DNA is organic in nature. It is a mechanism of actions aimed at facilitating a cultural shift to organizational agility. It uses the scaffolding metaphor of a nutrient lattice to feed a culture of agility through micro infusions. These micro infusions are meant to simulate emergence of more agile like habits and less anti-agile behavior.

It “attaches” to any organization and works alongside any agile method use. Anthro-Digital DNA is not a method or an end all be all. Structured around three interrelated organic organizational elements; DNA - Decision making, Network and narratives, and Adaptation. Meant to provide entry points for teams to explore how to execute in a more cohesive fashion. These starting points should evolve as they are applied within a specific digital delivery context.

The scaffolding aims to help nourish the structural characteristics needed to create Lean Agile balance in an organization.